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Before the dawn of instant access conversation such as e-mail and texting, there was the pen pal.  A pen pal is someone to share stories, news and laughs with via letters mailed by post.  Receiving a letter in the mail is a special delivery for most, and two third graders from Williamsburg Elementary in Geneva, Illinois are no exception.

At Arden Courts of Geneva, residents Dorothy and Janie each had their own third-grade pen pal.  Not only did their pen pals enjoy receiving their letters, but it also brought Dorothy and Janie back to their childhood years. 

After sending several letters back and forth, Dorothy and Janie were able to meet their pen pals.  When the students came to visit in person, not only did it fulfill Dorothy and Janie’s Heart’s Desires, it also brought excitement and smiles to the Williamsburg Elementary students.

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